Hemiplegic from birth, I find from an early age in sport a way to flourish with my friends and thus accept my handicap. I am a jack-of-all-trades: football, tennis, skiing etc. At the age of 16 my best friend introduced me to athletics. This is the start of a great adventure for me. Joining disabled athletics shortly after, I quickly climbed the ladder to make my first World Championships at 18.

Having tasted at the highest level, I don’t want to let go. September 2014 I joined a France disabled sports center with the mentality that work always pays off and the objective of reaching the highest peaks. Since then I have participated in the biggest world competitions: European championships; world championships ; Paralympic Games in Rio  and Tokyo.

I am joining « Team Para Atletiek » with coach Guido Bonsen and multi-medals athletes. The objective is twofold: To prepare Paris paralympics and carry out actions in favor of people with disabilities for better social integration through sport. With this great team, I am attacking a new chapter in my adventure, culminating in a participation in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

“It is in calm and confidence that your strength will be


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